Western science + eastern meridians combined to achieve mind body power and balance.

China, Holland & Thailand & USA.

#1 Infraslow fluctuation Neurofeedback (USA):  The most effective neurofeedback therapy that talks to your autonomic nervous system.  I have activated & improved speech, improved mobility, alertness.  Because we train so low in frequencies, we make your body feel.  Some clients reported buzzing in their limbs.  We make your body feel with ISF Neurofeedback.
A Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) records electrical activity of your brain.  This also means it will record how the body feels.  If you fall down and hurt yourself, it sends a signal to your brain.  We already know that loss of smell and taste is a sign of a covid infection and one should get tested.  How do you measure lost of smell if that smell is mild?  The brain scan report shows a person with partial loss of smell even when this lady did not realise it.  Our brain wave activities are so sensitive to our bodies, it functions a very good early warning system.  We cannot cure Covid but we can train your brain to optimise if Covid have caused you stress, anxiety, depression, migraine, insomnia, stroke.     Depending on the clients needs, a Qeeg may or may not be required.

#2 Therapeutic Thai Massage (Thailand).  Muscles cannot be effectively treated by acupuncture because its too big.  Its as simple as that.  To unblock the (SenSib) 10 energy paths, thai therapeutic massage is most effective.  After the massage, you feel more comfortable and relaxed.  This is because the paths are unblocked and your Chi / Qi / Energy gets a boost, and it sends a signal to the brain saying "hey I feel better".  When you feel happy & relaxed, what do you think a QEEG/ brain waves activity scan will say?  Lets ask the heart as well.  https://www.hindawi.com/journals/ecam/2016/4943204/

(Head, Neck Shoulder & back massage should be done by Thai Government Certified therapist).

COVID can cause stroke - ISF Neurofeedback therapy is very effective for stroke.

Why is a good thai massage important?  Why a non certified thai massage therapist can be dagerous?
Well, look at which part of the spine controls your body.


Low level light therapy, Pulse electromagneticfield therapy (PEMF).

#3 Raymedy is a unique form of therapy based on the biophysics, electro-acupuncture and the scientific program of Russian space travel to remotely monitor and improve the health of cosmonauts. Raymedy has further developed this into practical treatment equipment that has treated more than half a million people worldwide in the past 20 years.

The therapy is based on the knowledge about the energy pathways in the body that acupuncture also uses, the influence they have on your health and how you can restore health through these energy pathways. Raymedy uses modern measuring and treatment equipment and unique self-developed software to detect and treat the energetic imbalances. Raymedy treats these imbalances with light, pulsating electromagnetic fields and micro-current.

The therapy brings your body back into a balance that is as close as possible to the original, healthy state of your body. The goal is to get your organs and body functions to work together again in harmony. Many ailments and conditions can be improved in a few treatments, some things such as jet lag after 1 treatment.  With the new ReadMe and PowerMe equipment, you can simply treat yourself at home.

Raymedy is a therapy used by therapists in Europe, used by medical doctors as a diagnostic tool and it is now available for you as both a diagnostic and self healing tool.  bernardzsm@gmail.com or whatsapp :  wilson @ +65 88228128

Videos: https://neurofeedback-asia.com/raymedy/

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