1) QEEG Neurofeedback

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The mind and body are one but we do not have a machine that treats all with 1 click.  So, let neurofeedback treat the brain and let quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) be the key to read you brain's electrical activities and expose the problems in a patient with stroke, exactly which area is damaged Then, let Infra Slow fluctuation Neurofeedback rewire that damaged neuro network.  If the a house needs an electrician, you call an electrician. 

Covid Brain is a real


2) Thai Massage

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SENSIB or the 10 energy paths needs to be unblocked to remain at your prime.  Thai massage unblocks the path and detoxifies when the lympnodes are pressed and pushed out of the way, flushed out, so to speak.  How to press, where to press, the direction to push is an art.  It begins from the left, then the right.  Compare this with chinese meridians and you will see similarities.  We offer classes for this so you may self massage you vagus nerve or your love ones.  Learn from a Thai Massage Professional certified by Thai government.  Increasingly, more cases of paralysis or nerve damage have been reported today.  Each therapist must have their own certification even if the sign board says thai massage.

Covid affects the brain.

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3) Raymedy

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Since all processes in the body are controlled with energy. Very small energy flows drive the processes in the cells, almost the reverse from what happens in the leaves of plants where light is captured and electrons charge molecules. In our cells the oxidation sets electric energy free to drive all cellular processes.   Let neurofeedback treat the brain directly, let thai massage unblock sensib and the bigger muscles and let Raymedy go directly to the cells.

Self treatment is advisable because it is more effective and cost efficient.  We will monitor your progress from our backend platform.

Covid19 & Photodynamic Therapy by Dr. Michael Weber

Stroke client must be engage in 3 ways.
ISF Neurofeedback 

There are three aspects of stroke that NF can help with: 

  • Loss of function associated with the damage – e.g. language (aphasia), movement, vision;
  • More diffuse symptoms that may have emerged after the stroke or any associated surgical procedure, including irritability, pain, sleep problems, mood swings, effort fatigue, or cognitive fog;
  • Psychological impact of any major loss of function and the acceptance of this – the potential loss of career, relationship issues, reduced social circle.
  • MEMORY IMPROVES     "NF training effects were even stronger than effects of traditional cognitive rehabilitation methods in stroke patients. .... reported on possible negative effects of NF training for the first time.... The NF training protocols were feasible for stroke patients with memory deficits and may represent a new rehabilitation strategy suitable to overcome some of the usual pitfalls of traditional cognitive rehabilitation.https://jneuroengrehab.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12984-015-0105-6

So, we must first diffuse the symptoms, reduce psychological impacts and syncronize the brain waves to restore loss of functions.

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