Teachers, coaches,  school principals,  engineers, stock brokers, bankers, lawyers, pilots and soldiers over 50 years old hope to stay at their peak.  If you require more time than before to plan, to calculate, to chart, to make a decision, grade a paper, reading, analysing or studying the same contract, quizzes, charts, drawings and motivation is diminishing, you are not at your prime.  Keep reading.


60+ year old college teacher Singapore

The lack of speed to process and remember information, the clarity and confidence to make a clear decision causes anxiety, frustration and even depression.  Scratching your head and  trying to focus is becoming a norm.  Vitamins, thai boxing, exercising, working the mind is already in your daily routine.  Still unable to achieve that clarity of thought.  Feeling tight and heavy mentally, plus that lethargic feeling and noticing your motivation  going south and your occupational deadline is in 2 weeks.   You need a brain boost to reset yourself to your "Optimus Prime".

Tensed shoulders, neck, back or legs?   Is your sense of balance worrying you?  If yes, these aches, pains are registered and mirrored in the form of  waves (delta, theta, alpha, beta, gamma)  in your brains.  The frequency range for theta wave (4hz-8hz), alpha wave (8hz-12 hz) & because of your physical and/or mental pain, your brain is registering a frequency of 30hz.   Just like an old radio, unable to pin the exact frequency (accuracy) causing distortion, or like an old sports car out of tune causing a reduced response time (speed).   

I am a psychologist, a certified in thai foot reflexologist & a neurofeedback therapist.  I know massage helps the mind and it probably increases dopamine by 30%. But it does not have retention.  If the problem is in the back fix the back and if the problem is in the brain lets go directly there or do both.  Because neuroplasticity exist in our brains to last, the brain has the ability to repair itself but we are unable to train or syncronize it fast enough to survive the battles of daily life.  You need a specific type of neurofeedback that makes you feel!  Enter Infra Slow Fluctuation Neurofeedback that trains the brain below 1 hz.  Depending on the individual brain, we will plan either a short term brain booster (20min x 10 sessions) or a longer term training (20 minutes x 60 sessions).  I believe twin sessions of 40 minutes per visit produces the best effect.   Difference is, we train from within and this creates a kind of automaticity so you function better.

Depression, sleep deprivation, stress,

Below is a glimpse of a QEEG - Quantitative Electroencephaogram brain scan. This shows which part of the brain needs optimisation (Cost: $800).

Some clients report ISF neurofeedback makes your fingers and or toes buzz even though we are non invasive.  As your brain resets itself towards optimal levels, the body follows.  ISF Neurofeedback is the training of the brain below 1hz that makes you feel!  

Is this a therapy you need for life?  

No, this is not a therapy you need for life for most.  Many want 1 x 40 minute maintenance session, months later after completing their initial program, that fits their lifestyles.  

For some, post chemotherapy and or radiation may come with unnerving painful side effects.  This can be reduced and manageable.










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