Parents learn neurofeedback because it works.  Basic neurofeedback can do wonders! 

Anyone with an open mind to learn can learn! Most importantly, love ones improve!

More parents from many backgrounds save money by learning neurofeedback.
Parents I shared my knowledge with:
clinical psychologist, medical doctor, pharmacists, dentists, business lady, stewardess, architect, occupational therapists, speech therapist

As you already know therapies are long term and cost alot of money! What makes therapies more effective is more training and early intervention.  Brain training has no short cuts.  The gratification with frequent training prevents the brain from reverting to pre training levels (medication aside).



  • If you believe that the brain is the command centre, then go directly to the brain and tune it with ISF Neurofeedback (a non invasive method of therapy).
    (Do not ignore ST, OT, ABA, DIET.  Knowing what therapy to choose next is important.  How do you know what needs immediate attention 1st? 
  • Get a quantitative electroencephalogram (qeeg) done to map out what, when and where needs training.
  • For the haves, you may have considered 'invasive' surgeries which worries most of us.
  • In the case of brain training, you need a 'brain electrician'.
  • Neurofeedback clinicians, therapists are who you need!  Why call a plumber for an electrical job.  
  • As a Behavior Psychologist. I cannot agree to offer ABA, ST and or OT if the brain is not ready to recognise the correct antecedent stimulus.
  • The schedules of reinforcements, if wrongly applied, does more bad than good.
  • Therapies cannot simply be A + B = C.  Each move cannot simply be incidental learning.  This is actually coincidental learning even if done correctly.

Financial Logic:

  • Most types of therapies charge few hundreds per session,  many will not get a breakthrough if the brain is not connected.  
  • Neurofeedback needs 40 sessions, to see an electrical difference, meaning an improvement based on collected database
    (like how you read compare& know if blood pressure is better.  You compare with a database).
  • $neurofeedback sessions costs $200 per visit.  Some need about 500 sessions or more.  That is $100, 000!
  • For love ones with extreme cases, better to spend $10,000 - 12,000 to buy a system and get some training to empower yourself to help your love ones.
  • All you need are some hardware, software licenses, training and commitment to train your love one (your own laptop i7).


example of a QEEG  -  After a qeeg is done, empowered parents will know where to treat.

Plus points include:

  1. Huge cost savings.
  2. Crucial early intervention 
  3. The ability to  train unlimited amounts.


What Parents who become empowered  say:

I have a 10 year old son who has Autism.  Wilson introduced me to Neurofeedback and I included this as part of my son's wellness therapy.

A few months later and seeing results from sessions ( increased compliance , emerging speech, ability to be more focused, comprehension) I decided to purchase my own NF device.

Wilson coached me on how to conduct sessions. Prior to this, I had no experience not technical knowledge on how to proceed on my own. Wilson was available on hand to guide me through the process and at the end of the sessions, he diagnosed the readings for me . This made me grow in confidence when using my NF device.

Wilson's explanations can be simple or as in-depth as one prefers. I hope others will benefit as I have from his guidance on NF.   Mummy - Alyson


I began doing neurofeedback with my daughter, S, when she was 7 years old, through Neurofeedback Asia. She was note verbal at the time. Because of favourable outcomes: cognitive, sensory, social interaction and communication. We decided to invest in a unit despite the cost. Wilson Tok of Neurofeedback Asia has been instrumental in helping me learn how to use the unit, and trained me to effectively be a technician and therapist for my daughter's neurofeedback therapy.

S began speaking when she was 8 years old, I believe, as a result of neurofeedback. She continues to steadily improve, and at 9 years old, can now request for what she wants in 5-word phrases. The improvements of neurofeedback are long-lasting as well, despite gaps in her therapy, she has not experienced any regressions. This leads me to believe that the neurological growth and regulation from neurofeedback is permanent. Being trained in neurofeedback therapy also allows me to be flexible in treating S. For example, choosing times of the day that she is the calmest, and doing therapy a lot more frequently, which has benefited her greatly. I cannot recommend becoming a neurofeedback trainer with Neurofeedback Asia more.

Mummy Shao


Who can learn?  Anyone can. 

More information?  +65 88228128 Wilson - whatsapp

Learning time:  1 day of learning, lots of guided practice.  All parents understand with good foundation within 3 months.