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QEEG, ISF Neurofeedback + Photobiomodulation
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Neurofeedback Training - comes to your home

Neurofeedback Costs

  • QEEG - Quantitative Electroencephalography - $800  (Step 1)
  • Neurofeedback - Z-Score training (4 Channel)
    $800 - 5x20min sessions (5 visits)

    This is a very effective type of neurofeedback done by many practitioners for years with a 4 channel amplifier.  I have used this to teach parents and professionals to self train their love ones who need very long term therapy.   More here
  • Infraslow Fluctuation (ISF) Neurofeedback Training (Step 2)
    $1200 - 5 sessions x 40 min - ( total time 1hr including setup) (5 Visits)

    Unlike other types of neurofeedback training, ISF makes you "feel"  A unique brain training method that targets the infraslow frequencies (meaning below 0.1 Hertz).  This in my experience, have improve brain waves much faster.  Clinical research shows that these slow oscillations determine the overall excitability of the cortex. In addition, these slow frequencies coordinate processes in the body with processes in the central nervous system.   In fact, shifts (or fluctuations) in these infraslow frequencies directly affect the brain’s internal regulation of the autonomic nervous system, including our fight-flight-freeze stress response as well as our rest-and-digest state.  Given that the root cause for dysregulated brain states and mental illness is often hyper- or hypo-excitability, ISF neurofeedback offers an unparalleled form of neurotherapy for many suffering from anxiety, trauma, depression, and much more.

  • Loreta Infraslow Fluctuation Neurofeedback training
    $2000/5 sessions, 30min/session - (total time 1hr including setup).
    Standardized Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography, referred to simply as sLORETA, is a method of neurofeedback that gives a real-time 3-dimensional image of your brain in action. After a clinician strategically places 20 sensors on the scalp, sLORETA imaging allows the practitioner to read the electrical activity of structures deep within the brain.

More Doctors learn neurofeedback.

  1. Dr. Johnathan Walker (Neurologist) prefers neurofeedback over invasive methods.
  2.  Stanford Professor begins Journey in looking at the brain waves to help PTSD
  3. Speech Language Pathologists uses neurofeedback to help speech.
  4. Doctor uses neurofeedback to help ADHD (Why sleep is important & how light disrupts sleep).
  5. Doctor (Chicago) talks why she started learning neurofeedback.
  6. Doctor goes back to school to learn neurofeedback.

Brain Scan - QEEG

Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) + Brain master + ISF neurofeedback

QEEGs are used to design your neurofeedback training programme, and to track your progress over your sessions.

Sample report

Photobiomodulation - Brain & Systemic

(Minimum 20 sessions recommended)

5 Days trial:  Each day 20minutes 

  • Intranasal: Systemic 633/655 OR Brain 810 :   $70 + $50 x 5 sessions  Total: $600 (self administered)
  • Neuro alpha, Neuro Gamma:  $150 +$50 x 5 sessions   Total: $1000 
  • Neuro Duo $150/ session 20min: $170+$50 x 5 sessions Total $1100 

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