'The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts' Aristotle.

Start with a brain (qEEG) electrical activity scan! Knowing which part of the brain to train, applying powerful Infra slow fluctuation (ISF) Neurofeedback is the spark! Combining ISF neurofeedback with Thai therapeutic (certified) massage is the perfect mind-body reboot!

Being a behavior psychologist and a neurofeedback therapist, I felt something was missing and needed another bridge.  Hence, I added knowledge of thai therapeutic massage (certified by Ministry of Education, Thailand).

Who can benefit from this?
Friends with stroke, multiple sclerosis, stress, anxiety, concussions.
Simple logic, when stroke disrupts the brain's neuro 'electrical' activity to function, we apply neurofeedback.  When the muscles tightened, we apply thai therapeutic massage.

Rehabilitation of stroke patients using traditional Thai massage, herbal treatments and physical therapies


The efficacy of traditional Thai massage in decreasing spasticity in elderly stroke patients


People with seizures should see this video Johnathan Walker Neurologist

Basic Massage Classes


Foot Reflexology