Grandpa's words to Grandson 

Documentary filmmaker and one of the directors of Radio-Canada’s Science-Réalité and Découverte television shows for 25 years, Pascal Gélinas wrote this letter to his grandson so that he could one day “understand his torment”.

Protect your family.

ISF Neurofeedback a very good way to protect your brain against (EMF) electromagnetic fields.  We know that electromagnetic fields (EMF) causes migraines, stress, pain amplifications, mood disorders, anxieties, memory and anyone who has a cell phone (twit, gaming , video & facebook addicts) especially in younger children who spend hours a day on their devices.  Ask Prof . Martin Pall. Suddenly, you wonder why you or your kids do not get good sleep (insomnia), significant reduction in focus (ADD), increase in frequency of headaches and are easily triggered till a meltdown and lost of motivation to study or work.  Dr Devra Davis will tell you more about the dangers of EMFs.  Once that brain has been over exposed to EMFs, your brain waves are basically out of sync and you need help.

The pictures above are crops from Dr. Devra's youtube video.  (Because 5g affects and harms the brain waves, neurofeedback is your best precision defence shield that trains and combats the above.  Our work deals directly with frequency, power, pulse, wavelengths.  This iw exactly what you need.  ISF neurofeedback is the key to deal with delta waves.

ISF  neurofeedback is your best option only because we go straight to those waves to guide it back on track.  Because we train below 1 hz (ISF neurofeedback), we optimise your brains that control your nervous systems directly to make your brain feel better.  This is a non invasive spa like treatment.  Yes, diet will boost your brain and body's immune systems against EMF but we cannot block it unless we actually live in the country with no cell phones, no microwaves, not wifi and any other electronic gadget that radiates EMFs.  City living is just a massive gathering of EMFs coming together so regulating and maintenance is necessary.   All therapies including neurofeedback or diet or vitamins or medication cannot 100% shield you from EMFs but at least ISF Neurofeeedback can buffer & reduce the effects of EMFs.  Simple, EMFs can de-syncronize your brain and affect your nervous systems, ISF neurofeedback syncronizes your brainwaves.  We battle where it matters most?  

Think cigarette, think carcinogens.  Did you know that wifi is no different? World health organisation -->  

Have a kid with Autism?

Planning a new baby,  get rid of wifi & hardwire your homes.

WANT 5G?   

Why EMF (Electromagnetic fields) is a silent killer? 

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  • U.S. National Toxicology Program study results just released finding electromagnetic radiation causes cancer:
  • Harvard Law School Center for Ethics’ Report, Captured Agency: How the Federal Communications Commission is Dominated by the Industries it Presumably Regulates:
  • International Appeal: Scientists Call for Protection from Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Field Exposure, signed by 221 world scientists specializing in electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and submitted to the World Health Organization and the United Nations:
  • IEEE Power Electronics Magazine article indicating even the IEEE, which helped to set the FCC standards in 1996 based on thermal effects, now recognizes biological effects at the non-thermal level: Some Effects of Weak Magnetic Fields on Biological Systems: RF fields can change radical concentrations and cancer growth rates:…
  • BioInitiative Report Summary for the Public:…
  • Senate Bill 1222: An Act creating a special commission to study the health impacts of electromagnetic fields:

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