2021, financial problems, marital problems, work or academic related problems can cause anxiety, depression.  Rumination, the replaying of sadness, any negative thoughts is a recipe for fatal pitfall. 

Suicide is not a sudden occurrence, it builds over time.  Only 3/2021, already, I have been informed of a youth suicide and told excessive cocktail of drugs prescribed tipped the scales.  Another incident, a senior at the foot of a block in Ghim Moh Link (Singapore) 5/3/21.  From afar, I saw the barricade and driving by, I saw the body of a face of a senior citizen I recognized.   On top of it all, I was told of a youth planning to execute suicide.   This brings back memories of a gentleman who lost his Job 20 years ago.  His path started with ruminination, planned, attempted twice & finally succeeded.   

When you are mentally distressed, your brain waves becomes scrambled!  The brain is like an autonomous vehicle with no GPS.
QEEG:  Quantitative encephalogram is a brain scan that records brainwave electrical connections.    

Can suicide be prevented? Yes.  Because depression can be seen in the qeeg and neurofeedback is a way to treat it.  Simply by training them to optimal state to 'think' better.
When combined with counselling, one can divert away from suicide.

Step 1) A quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG), scans, records & reports the status of  your brain waves and its frequencies.


Step 2a) Infra slow fluctuation (ISF) Neurofeedback training, 4 channel neurofeedback.
This is skill I have used over 10 years and of course using FDA approved hardwares like Brain master.
(Note: ask me more if you like to know how to learn and purchase it)

2b) www.bellabeeasia.com

Bellabee is a Pulse Electromagnetic device for home use.

This is an excellent device that trains brainwaves towards correct frequency.

Because it is for home use, it has it's limitations compared to neurofeedback.  However, do not under estimate it's effectiveness.

Depression + anti depression drugs, a perfect equation for suicide.


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