ISF Neurofeedback, a must for athletes

  • achieve sports peak
  • Improve from Chronic Trauma Encephalopathy (see below)
    (due to high impact sports like rugby, boxing, muay thai, MMA...  )

American, British, Canadian, Chinese olympic athletes, London School of  Music, AC Milan, Chelsea Soccer teams.  Ski  Champ Hermann Maier & Tennis champ Marie Price.  NASA astronaut: Dave Williams, Student from Raffles Institution.

Optimal brain function is a must for all aspiring athletes.  Better brain functions = better functions overall.  Neurofeedback trains the brain, which in turn improves an athletes ability to perform at better than ever before.  More professional athletes ask for neurofeedback to achieve better records in their sports performances .

Chronic Trauma Encephalopathy (CTE) was coined by Dr. Bennett Omalu, previously called punch drunk syndrome by Dr. Harrison Martland.

Post concussion scans may show athletes brains were ok but many high impact athletes felt something was not right, and many ended in suicides.  When you need an electrician why call a plumber.  A quantitative electroencephalogram QEEG is a correct type of scan that will detect symptoms characteristic of  CTE.  If slapping, punching, kicking, accidents causes explosive cognitive impact to the head and can upset or injure you, continuous impacts can alter your cognitive processes permanently.  Why?  Your frequency have been scrambled by that impact.  Loss of sleep, migraines, lack of focus studying or at work, mood changes, memory, paralysis, deafness, speech motor skills.  A qeeg will  be able to record, interprets brain wave electrical activities and tell how that impact affected the person.  Now, lets fix it.  Infraslow fluctuation neurofeedback therapy will help to tune that frequency back to a much better state or clarity or syncronise what was damaged by high impact sports.

An added acceleration would be to add therapeutic thai massage around the head neck shoulder areas to facilitate happy vagus nerves.  After  all its like the highway to the body.  Thai massage is excellent prior to a competition or after one.